Sunday, November 26, 2006

I just wrote about treating a cold sore, and I said using the Zilactin gel and Lysine tablets you could kill your cold sore in a couple days.

I just had one, and have to correct myself.

The nasty pus-filled cold sore will die within two days, but the smoldering hole in your face will take another few days to heal. It's like a scab, and each time you wash and pick the Zilactin shell off, it leaves a bleeding hole that hurts like hell.

It's best to pick at the edges of that Zilactin shell bit by bit each day. That cuts down on your pain and your risk of infection.

So doing this method still takes you about five days. That's better than the 14 days of letting it run it's course. It's the same time frame as going to a doctor and getting a prescription, though you'll save money and a few days of cold-sore pus with my method.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Two Steps to Treat Cold Sores

Mmmmm, herpes simplex on your lips, ugly puss blobs that is sooooo contagious.

Cold sores are one of the nastiest things out there. As bad as pimples and zits get, they get put into perspective when a cold sore rears its ugly head.

And the worst part of cold sores is there is no cure for them. Once you get them, you have them for life.

The virus lies dormant inside your lips. When you experience a great deal of stress and cannot handle it well, that herpes simplex virus decides to help out by traveling along the nerve to grow a fast cold sore on your lip.

The bad news is you have to resign yourself to a cold sore life cycle of 12-14 days.

You can go to a doctor and get prescription pills and white prescription creme that will shorten the cold sore down to about six days.

I will tell you a remedy that will save you money and time.

Get a tube of over-the-counter Zilactin from most any pharmacy area, and get a bottle of Lysine/L-Lysine (it's in the vitamin supplement area).

You need to apply the Zilactin ASAP, because the cold sore grows bigger and nastier by the minute. Use a Q-tip rather than your finger to lower the risk of spreading the nasty infection. Cover the cold-sore area generously with a big dab of the Zilactin.

Within a minute of applying the Zilactin, you'll feel a harsh burn. That's the Zilactin medicine working immediately, and the Zilactin gel hardening into a shell over your cold sore. Wave your hand to help it dry and harden.

The Zilactin works by forming a shield over the cold sore and not allowing it to spread. It seems contrary to every other topical medicine, but you don't want to wash this off and reapply it every few hours. It will come off (or you'll have to peel it off) after your daily shower, let it dry a moment, then reapply a healthy dab again for the day.

The Lysine usually comes in 500 mg tablets at Wal-Mart. Take two immediately, two an hour or two later, and keep up with about 6-10 tablets a day (3000-5000mg). I know it's an insane amount, but you'll only have to take it two or three days.

Dear Lord, don't even think of drying out your genital area after you dried your cold sore area with the towel! Use new washcloths and towels for each wash. don't share your towels with anyone els. Immediately buy a couple new cheap toothbrushes and the small travel toothpaste, because the virus can get on both and infect you again several days after the cold sore disappears.

Follow this advice and your cold sore will be much less painful, much more manageable, and could be gone in just a couple days.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

See a Dermatologist if you have nasty acne.

I'm going to give many wonderful tips for preventing and treating normal acne.

If you are unfortunate enough to have nasty acne, like big huge purple bulbs on your face that are 1/2" or larger, and there's not a square centimeter on your face without acne, you probably need to go see a dermatologist. That stuff is really bad, and you likely need to get on prescription Acutane. It'll cost several hundred dollars, it'll take six months, and your entire body will dry out badly to where you have to use extreme moisturizing lotion.

But think of the alternative: life living with that nasty acne all over. Life is too short to just deal with nasty acne. We live in 21st century America, you don't need to live with that nasty acne. Get to a dermatologist and get treatment if it's that bad. If you are poor and cannot afford it, get a crappy job to pay it, do whatever it takes.

If you don't take care of the nasty acne, it'll scar your face forever. Maybe the nasty acne will pass in another 10 or 20 years (think of living with it that long), and afterwards your face will look like a pitted war zone. You'll forever regret not taking care of it sooner.

The rest of the articles here will describe treatments for normal acne.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Don't squeeze the zits!

One of the first, last, and most important rules with acne is to resist squeezing the crap out of that stupid little bugger that's ruining my face dammit Paris Hilton doesn't have to deal with this why do I could kill the little ....

Ok, well you get the idea. It's difficult to resist squeezing zits. Apply pressure and you can just pop away your problem, right?

Wrong! Ever see people with pockmarked faces? You haven't? How about this example?

They got those crater faces because they squeezed their zits too much. Too often or too much pressure? Probably both.

Isn't acne bad enough without coming out of it with a crater face? Aren't the acne names bad enough without coming out with the name crater face your whole life, even after you've whipped acne's activity?

So do yourself a favor and don't squeeze the zits. Yes, the white heads are embarrassing, but your face is actually healthier healing on its own rather than having open sores ripped open all across it.

Pimples, zits, whiteheads, blackheads, puss, red spots, pockmarks. Aren't they fun?

No, they're not. They hurt more than physically. They hurt the self-esteem of millions of teenagers worldwide, especially in vain America.

This blog is dedicated to providing real solutions to treat, reduce, and prevent acne.

I guarantee within two months of following this advice you will have a noticeable reduction in acne, and this information is provided for free. I only ask that you spread the word by emailing your friends and posting links to this information.